Driving is a privilege, but it is also an important means to independence for many adults.

It has been noted that older drivers will, on average. have more accidents for mile driven compared to other groups of adults.

The Law Commission of Ontario notes that there has been recurrent debate as to whether age should be a trigger for additional driver’s license requirements.

For example, "Ontario’s Senior Driver Renewal Program requires drivers aged 80 years and over to take part every two years in a group education session and to complete vision and knowledge tests. Based on individual assessment, some drivers may also be asked to take a road test to have their in-car skills assessed. Some have suggested that older drivers should be required to take a regular road test, while others have argued that age by itself is not an appropriate indicator or driving skills, and that either all drivers should be regularly re-tested, or that re-testing should be based on specific functional indicators." (1) Is this fair?

Driving in the context of aging raises many legal, social, ethical and policy issues, including for example:

Research and Policy

Law and Ethics



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