The move from the community into a long term care facility can be challenging time for many older persons and their families.  The long term care environment can feel quite foreign and unfamiliar, and sometimes people may feel as if they have left their rights at the front door.

Several provincial and  territorial governments have recognized the need to help reinforce the idea that people's basic rights exist no matter where they live. In some cases  some of these basic rights have been incorporated into laws and regulations, or standards and guidelines governing various types of facilities that provide support, assistance and care to older adults and other adults who need assistance  and care in their day to day lives.


 Below are some of the resources to help identify residents rights.




Respecting Your Rights: A Guide to the Rights of People Living in British Columbia's Long Term Care Facilities  (2003)

The guide explains rights of people who live in long term care facilities in British Columbia under the Community Care Facility Act and other provincial and federal law. Published by the Gerontology Research Centre. Booklet funded by Law Foundation of British Columbia.


Every Resident Bill of Rights for People who Live in Ontario Long-term Care Homes (PDF 1576KB) June 2005

This publication explains the various rights for residents of  Ontario nursing homes, and municipal and charitable homes for the aged. It also lists places to turn to for help, including the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly (ACE), and the regional offices of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.